• Not more than 1.5 hrs. session for upto 12 Ansar
  • Markaz or Regional representative will attend at least 1st session of the Majlis Request Murabbi Silsila or some other elder of Jama’at to be present
  • Preferably in mosque or Namaz Center. Very simple refreshments arrangements and should not be more than 1 item with tea
  1. Silent Prayers
  2. Introduction without any show-off
    1. Name
    2. Children with their ages
    3. Where they belong to
    4. When came to Canada
    5. What are they doing professionally now
    6. What is their current Jama’at activity / office
  3. Sharing Faith inspiring incidents
    1. Ask anyone who want to share their or their family’s faith inspiring or conversion to Ahmadiyyat incident
    2. Raise their hands and identify
    3. Request them one by one
    4. If time allows then ask for second round
  4. Closing remarks
    1. This is who we are and what we belong to and all of us must have these incidents in our lives. This is what Huzur (aa) is also telling us.
    2. Improve in Namaz in congregation especially Fajr
    3. Listen Huzur (aa) sermons
    4. What are we doing to inspire and motivate our children like our parents and elders did by having faith inspiring experiences